Welcome to the 4TP store!

IP: 4tp.games

This server was created on the foundation that VIP ranks are dumb. We feel that you should NEVER not be able to experience everything a server has to offer behind a paywall. Everything on the server that someone can purchase, you can earn just by playing long enough. NOTHING is locked behind a payment.

We do offer Vote Crate Keys as an option to rank up faster, but it is made to be expensive to deter players from buying rank. If you see someone on our server that is a high rank, just know they earned it :)!

If you have any issues please contact a Staff member in-game or through our Discord https://discord.gg/WpvDjrtkYf

Note: All purchases are final; refunds won't be given if you are banned, jailed, or muted on the server for breaking rules. Please ensure you are over 18 or have parental permission before purchasing from the store.